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After the decisions of the selection have been communicated, applicants have the possibility to appeal against the decision made by the Consortium Selection Committee.

Please note that an appeal can only be made against the selection procedure, and not to the outcome of the selection status !

An appeal should be made by sending an appeal form via registered mail to the CNE Coordinator (postal address: see bottom of the Appeal Form).
The form should state the reason of the appeal, including proof of supporting documents (if applicable).
The appeal has to be sent within 10 working days (with the date of postmark as proof) after receipt of the selection results.
Once the CNE Coordinator receives the appeal form, the sender will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by email. The appeal will then be investigated by the CNE Coordinator and Consortium.
Within 15 working days after having received the appeal, the appealer will receive the outcome of the appeal with the reasons for rejection or acceptation.

Download the CNE Appeal Form
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