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Frequently asked questions

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What is Erasmus Mundus?

Erasmus Mundus is a co-operation and mobility programme in the field of higher education organised by the European Commission under the broader Erasmus+ program. It aims to enhance the quality of European higher education in order to promote the European Union as a centre of excellence in learning around the world and to promote intercultural understanding through co-operation with third countries as well as for the development of higher education in third countries.

Eligibility to EMJMD Scholarships

What are the lists of Programme and Partner countries?

The list of countries is provided on the European Agency website:

Why do I need to provide a proof of residence?

Distance between your place of origin and the CNE coordinator (Marseille) determines the contribution to travel costs of students that were awarded an EMJMD Scholarship. The proof of residence is thus required to ascertain the place of origin.

What is a valid proof of residence?

It is a scanned copy of an official document that certifies your residence and clearly states your actual place of stay.
The document can either be:

  • a certificate of residence in line with the provisions of the municipality where the student is registered;
  • a certificate confirming the place of employment or study/training, issued by the employer or the institution where the student studies/finished his/her studies.

It must be an officially notarized copy in English or an official English translation of the original document and must have been issued within 12 months before the application deadline.

Can I spend part of the EMJMD Programme in my country of residence? If so, will I continue receiving the scholarship during this period?

You can spend parts of your studies in your country of residence. However, since the EMJMD Programme aims at supporting studies abroad, the monthly scholarship is interrupted in the following cases:

  • when a student spends periods of time in their country of residence (study / research / internship / thesis
  • when a student from a Partner country spends more than three months in any Partner country other than
    his/her own country of residence.

How do I apply if I am from a Partner country but I am living in Europe (or in a Programme Country)?

Check if the 12-month residence rule applies to you. If you are a national from a Partner country and have carried out your main activity (studies, training or work) for more than a total of 12 months over the last 5 years in one or several Programme country(ies), you should apply as Programme country candidate.

The wording “total of 12 months” refers to all possible cases: a single period in one Programme country, several periods in one Programme country or the sum of different periods in different Programme countries.

The 5-year reference period is calculated backwards from the EMJMD scholarship application deadline. This 12-month rule does not apply to Partner country candidates who hold refugee status in a Programme country.

If you are a national from a Partner country and the 12-month residence rule does not apply to you, you should apply as a Partner country candidate.

I have two nationalities. Under which should I apply for an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD)?

You have to choose under which nationality you want to apply.

How many EMJMD can I apply to?

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMDs) are international master programmes delivered by a group of universities from different countries with specific expertise and interest in the study programme. These programmes are based on excellence, and therefore have specific requirements which often respond to specialised profiles.

While there is no formal restriction in the number of applications a student might submit, we generally recommend to potential applicants to choose carefully the master courses on the basis of the preconditions/selection criteria described on the websites of the respective EMJMDs.

Do I need to submit a separate application to be considered for EMJMD scholarships?

No. The same application will be used to decide if you are accepted to the Programme as well as if you are awarded an EMJMD scholarship, depending on your ranking (Main List and Reserve List)

We invite you to indicate in the application form whether you would accept to register as self-funded students if not accepted as a scholarship holder.

If awarded an EMJMD scholarship, can I postpone my intake to the next year?

No, the grant is awarded for a specific campaign and cannot be postponed.

I have not been selected for an EMJMD Scholarship. Are there other solutions to finance my studies?

A few self-funded students may be accepted (in addition to the ones that were awarded an EMJMD Scholarships).
Several options may help to handle the tuition fees and other living expenses.

For instance, if you come from a Program Country, you may apply to the Erasmus+ Master Degree Loan

Otherwise, you can check for the public grants or private foundations from your own country

I was refused or I am on the waiting list. Can I be accepted as a self-financing student?

You need to send an email to  Depending on the evaluation of your application,
you may be permitted to apply as a self-financing student.

How could I know the results? And if I am accepted to the scholarship what is the next step?

The final results of the selection will be known in May. You will be informed as soon as the results are validated.

I am biomedical engineering (mechanical engineering, ...) graduate so may I apply to this program?

You may apply. Your background and eligibility will be verified by the Selection Committee.

Do I have to apply individually to each partner institution?

You need to apply only once. Here is our application website: Its home page and this website will display the opening and closing dates of the next application campaign in due time.

I am in a 4-year bachelor course. Can I apply for the second master year only?

No, Master CNE is a 2-year programme.

Identification & Visa

I do not have a passport; may I use another ID number in my application form?

Yes, you can use that during the application process. Nevertheless, if you are selected and you do not have an EU id card, you need to provide a valid passport.

I have a passport that is not 12 months valid when arriving in the host country. That means I should apply for the extension of my passport validity to fulfil the requirement. Can I proceed with my application process with the existing passport?

You can apply with your current identification, even if it is not valid for the entire Programme duration. You will have to provide a copy of your new passport as soon as you have it.

Do I need to apply for a visa in addition to the online application?

You should first apply online to the CNE programme. If you are selected, we will help you with your visa application.

If selected, which visa do I need to provide to join the programme?

You will need to apply for a French Visa (student mobility visa with the possibility to apply for a French residence permit during your stay in Marseille).

English Proficiency

Is there any minimum score required for the TOEFL or IETLS tests?

Official certificates are expected: a CEFRL B2 level, or a similar test, such as IELTS (6,5) or TOEFL (IBT 91).

If I have been enrolled in an English teaching programme before, do I still have to submit a TOEFL or IELTS certificate?

No. In that case, a certificate from the institution where you have taken the English teaching programme or any other proof of English teaching programme will be sufficient.

I will receive my TOEFL or IETLS certificate only after the deadline of application, what should I do?

No, you need to provide a copy of the certificate or a proof that your degree was taught in English.

Register and login on application platform

I have not received any email to activate my account. What should I do?

First of all, register to the application platform using an email address that do not use any filtering system (such as boxbe, …). Indeed, most of the emails will be automatically sent to you by our application, and if your messaging system rejects these emails, we have no way to send them again.

Check also in the spam box using the webmail and/or an email client.

As a last resort, renew your password at

Try to avoid creating a second application file.

Upload of requested documents

Can a student who will graduate in June of the coming year, apply?

Yes, of course! We know that most students who apply are currently enrolled for their last year or session of a BSc or BEng Programme (or equivalent). In this case the diploma will be requested after selection. Please provide a certificate from your University about your current status and the planned date of graduation.

In the application file, what is the accepted language for diplomas and grades translation?

To apply, diplomas and grades have to be translated in English. If accepted, the candidates will also have to provide a translation in French of her/his birth certificate and last diploma to enrol.

Which topic should be covered by an essay on nano-engineering required in the application?

Write your own opinion on nanoengineering and nanotechnology. Choose any nanoengineering subject that interest you. No specific structure is required.

Do we have to confirm the authenticity of document translation from one language to another one by notary service?

Yes, it is required. All documents must be certified.

I made a mistake and I would like to modify the information that I have already given. What should I do?

You should be able to change almost everything in the application documents. You can upload revised versions of the files that you have already uploaded. You can also delete previously submitted files. You can use the “Other document” to send extra information. But you will not be allowed to act on the recommendation letters sent directly by your referents.

Once you have validated your application, it appears as “Sent”, meaning that you cannot change your form. If necessary, you can

  • Go to the “Checklist” tab, then submit a new attachment in the “Other document” section.
  • Ask us to change minor things. Be very clear in telling us what should be suppressed and what should be added.
  • Ask us to put your application back in the “In Progress (not submitted yet)” status. You should then be able to make the corrections by yourself. Please do not forget to validate your application again before the application deadline.
Recommendations Letters

The referents I specified did not receive any invitation email.

Main instructions are given in the application platform, in the “References” section (top of the page). You are expected to provide the names, status and contact information of (at most) two referents. They will automatically receive an invitation to provide an online recommendation.

Your referents should receive the recommendation request by email as soon as you have filled and closed the “References” form page. If they do not receive the email, it can be due to:

  • you have given a wrong email address for your referent.
  • the email has been filtered by your referent’s email system. Tell your referent to check their email spam boxes.
  • the email has been rejected by your referent’s email system (it can be due to a grey listing system, to the use of email protections such as boxbe, …).

Can I renew my invitation to my referent(s)?

As long as your application is in the incomplete status (not yet validated), you can send the request again.

How many recommendation letters are needed?

Two recommendations are required.

During your master program

Can I decide where I would like to study or is it mandated for them through the programme?

Master CNE has a fixed path (1st semester in Marseille, 2nd in Wroclaw, 3rd in Rome, 4th – Master thesis internship, Master thesis defences in Marseille)

Can I decide where I do my master thesis?

A list of Master thesis proposal will be presented to students during their 3rd semester in Rome. You will be requested to choose a topic (and place) from this list as we need to be sure that there are actuals means to do this project.

What will be my accommodation?

You will be proposed an accommodation at the university dorms by the local coordinators but you are free to choose your own solution.

Would I need an insurance during my studies?

A scholarship holder student will be covered by an insurance policy provided by MARSH. It is a travel insurance in accordance with the “Minimum requirements for the health and accident insurance coverage of EMJMD students”:

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