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The programme philosophy is that the internationalization must be amplified by the cultural and social activities. The local language courses and local culture courses combined with visits in local culture and history related places are part of the long-lasting cultural effects and are proposed in each partner country: in France, students learn about Roman time in Provence, in Wroclaw, about the rich and dynamic history of Central Europe, in Rome, about the origins of the European civilization.

We propose also one day integration activity, during the welcome week in Marseille, animated by the local theatre.

The first intakes visited the Roman historical sites in Provence (e.g., Pont du Gard) and they had a short winter exploration of the South Alps and its history (Napoleon trail and military citadel monuments).  During the second semester, in Wroclaw, the cultural experience was continued by common evenings in National Music Forum, weekend trips into nearest mountains and historical monuments sightseeing. In Italy, the ancient and modern history of Rome was used to give an additional understanding of our European heritage and history.

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