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Role: programme coordinator (Wrocław); teacher (Nano-engineering Seminar + Project)

Associate Professor at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology of Polymer and Carbon Materials. Both, DSc and PhD diploma received in chemical sciences in the field of chemical technology.
Fields of interest and expertise: (1) synthesis, modification, functionalization and characterization of carbon materials (carbon fibre cloth, carbon nanotubes) for electrocatalytic water splitting; (2) formation of porous bio-based carbons for organic and inorganic pollutants removal from wastewater; (3) thermochemical valorisation of biomass or organic waste materials (torrefaction, pyrolysis, gasification); (4) hydro- and solvothermal synthesis and functionalization of carbonaceous materials (sphere carbons, carbon quantum dots).


Researcher ID:C-9652-2018

phone: +48 71 320 64 55
office: building F3 (Gdanska campus), room 126

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