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Name and surname: Anna Jakubiak-Marcinkowska (PhD, Eng)
Position: assistant professor in the Department of Process Engineering and Technology of Polymer and Carbon Materials (K25), Polymer Materials Group
Role: teacher (laboratory ‘Fabrication of Smart Polymers’), Faculty Erasmus+ Coordinator

Scientific interests:

  • molecularly imprinted materials for various purposes such as mimicking of natural biocatalysts, transport of biologically active compounds and sensing processes,
  • “smart polymers” sensitive for external stimuli for controlled uptake/release of various substances,
  • polymeric hydrogels,
  • interpenetrating polymer networks.

Recent research:

  • preparation of smart materials with controlled uptake and release of target compounds, based mainly on hydrogels and interpenetrating polymer networks


address: room 109, bldg. H6, Wybrzeze Wyspianskiego Str. 42, 50-370 Wroclaw
phone (work): 004871 3203826

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